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Effective October 31st, 2006:

If you allow your insurance to cancel or if the coverage is interrupted for any reason, DMV can cancel your vehicle registration and suspend your drivers license. Keep your insurance in force, making your payments on time.


Speedlane Insurance has always prided itself in it's ability to listen to the customer. When gas prices go up, our customers feel the pinch. Now, with both gas and diesel at all-time highs, we have found that this is among our customers primary concerns. While we all know that keeping your vehicle properly tuned is a good way to save up to 15% a year on gas usage, did you know that keeping your insurance policies properly tuned can have an even bigger impact? Call or come by TODAY for your own FREE insurance tune-up!

"Los precios de la gasolina eran tan altos que tuve que encontrar una manera de ahorrar los costos de mi negocio de acarreo. ˇˇSpeedlane Insurance me ayudo con un pago economico de $485.00 al mes!" - Jose-Miguel O. (Montebello Office)

"I needed an SR-22 to get to work or I'd be fired. Speedlane hooked me up right away and I didn't have to pay any extra fees. I recommend Speedlane!" - Serena T. (Colton Office)

"My last broker let my business policies lapse. Speedlane got me binded with General Liability and Worker's Comp. Insurance within 48 hrs. I also saved about $1200 a year over my last policy. Thanks guys!" - Shawn U. (Montebello Office)

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